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Embarking on a Journey to Free Your Skin.

Let Acne Rain, Avarelle Got Your Skin Covered.

Journey for acne-free can take a long. Avarelle promises you will not be alone.

Avarelle, in harmony with nature : will walk with you for clearer skin.

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We assume the role of a companion on the journey towards youth, freedom, and beauty. Our products not only care for the skin but also instill confidence, empowering people to pursue greater dreams and aspirations.


We aim to inspire everyone who seeks confidence through the beauty of their skin. By bestowing freedom upon the skin, we strive to empower individuals to express themselves and create radiant moments in any situation.


There was a time when James Oh was frantically looking for products that were already out on the market for his beloved wife, who had long been battling acne. He recalls that she always struggled with acne and that only worsened as she became pregnant with their first child. Her fluctuating hormones caused an intense acne flare up, affecting even her chest and back.

Having witnessed firsthand the decline of her confidence, he couldn’t sit passively and do nothing. James decided to set out on a journey to help his wife. He created his ideal solution: a product that is all natural, simple and safe to use - even during pregnancy.

Given his science background, James learned how effective hydrocolloid bandages were in addressing open wounds. Using that insight, he experimented, tested, and finally produced acne patches that sped up the healing process and also protected the blemish while it was healing. He then took it a step further and added essential oils that gently fight blemishes. Since then, we’re thankful to say Avarelle patches helped his wife + thousands more.

Cheers to clear skin!



At Avarelle, we wanted to create a specific hydrocolloid technology that was missing in the existing market. We are differentiated from acne patches that were yellow, thick, and used non-vegan ingredients for their hydrocolloid production.

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