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DDartists is a project of Give Chances that provides people with developmental disabilities the opportunity for employment and talent development. DDartists hires, pays, and provides educational opportunities for these individuals in a safe and caring environment. We focus on harnessing the artistics creations, talents, and creativities of the disabled community to create merchandise, such as planners, calendars, holiday cards, and toys.


Our vision is to create and provide opportunities for children, youth and people with disabilities who do not have access to quality education and/or timely care due to limited resources. Give Chances offers quality learning and consulting opportunities in order to support children, youth and people with disabilities in fulfilling their dreams and talents. We provide educational opportunities for those who experience financial, social, and physical constraints. We work to also provide job training opportunities for people with developmental disabilities.


Work is essential for an independent life as it provides not only financial resources, but also a sense of self-fulfillment as a member of society. As a result, people feel more connected to others and become a contributing member of the community through their work. Currently only 14.7 % of adults with developmental disabilities are employed.


Everyone is born with unique talents and potentials, so does people with developmental disabilities. We started to pay attention to those who have interests and talents in art. We found a possibility to use their artistic talents and developed a work-education model for people with developmental disabilities.



This Model is what makes us special. We provide people with developmental disabilities chances to work and learn, and the profit of the product goes back to their talent development and employment. 


By providing them with art classes where they develop and express their artistic interest and talent, they will get paid by us for their artwork that they have produced during art classes. The artworks that they produced in the classes are developed to be used within products in collaboration with professional industrial designers. 

We empower and support people with developmental disabilities by providing education, job skill training, and employment opportunities for them.

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