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Ideas Refined

Stay connected, Drive Safely Where Innovation Meets Safety.

As a trailblazing brand in the world of car accessories, iOttie combines latest technology with a commitment to ensuring safe and responsible driving.  

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Our mission is to create iconic products that simplify life.


We always look for meaningful ways to incorporate the latest technology into devices that not only improve functionality, but also elevate design.
By treating each product as a work of art, we hope to change the way people interact with and feel about tech accessories.


It all began back in 2010. Smartphones were just starting to take off and navigation apps

were becoming a part of everyday life.


The concept was simple, but innovative: design a product that makes navigating on your

smartphone while driving safer and easier.


From this novel idea came a line of best-selling car mounts.

Over the years, we’ve continued to innovate, bringing modern tech into the hands of consumers in

easy-to-use, accessible ways.


We’ve expanded our line to include wireless chargers, power banks, and a dash cam all while staying true to our core beliefs: investing in people, creating quality products, staying curious, and never limiting ourselves, our vision, or the possibilities of our designs.



We’re a small, dedicated team of designers, engineers, techies, and creatives working in the heart of NYC. We’re consumers building products we ourselves would want to buy, products that respond to real user reviews and fill a need in the marketplace. At iOttie, we encourage every member of the team – from customer service reps to graphic designers – to be a part of that product development. We value curiosity, exploration, adaptability, open communication, and honesty.

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