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Seating posture is a habit which you will carry throughout your lifetime. It is essential that children learn about good posture starting at a young age. SitRite chair has been lovingly designed specifically for children with correct seating posture and children's physical growth in mind.

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Making furniture that people can grow with and rely on during their lifetime.


A brand that creates a healthy and bright future together

with customers as a lifelong friend.



It all started with an idea in one father’s mind. As a father of three children, SitRites founder simply wanted to provide his children a good stable chair that can help them maintain satisfactory posture. A quality sitting posture is very important to growing children and it is a habit that can determine their lifelong health.

His concern for his children’s health & specifically posture quickly expanded beyond his own family. Since there were no ergonomic chairs available for children on the market in U.S., he began to research, develop and manufacture his own! SitRite has been created by his desire to provide children all over the world a good chair that can help correcting their sitting posture and also help prevent them from having unwanted medical conditions such as scoliosis and turtle neck syndrome.

Starting from kid’s ergonomic chair, SitRite continuously strives to make and provide quality furniture that can help people to maintain a good posture during their lifetime.



Every person is unique in their body size and shape. We make our products truly ergonomic and adjustable to fit different body types for the best comfort and satisfaction.

We make products with parent’s concern for their children in mind. Our children deserve to have only the best possible things in their everyday life.

We believe that every child is special and needs opportunity to thrive. In order to make this possible, we support children with special needs for their education and employment. (DDartist, the program we support, is a project of Give Chances that provides people with developmental disabilities the opportunity for employment and talent development.)

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